You to the Enchanting Shores of Vietnam (Area Code +84)

Have you ever encountered the area code +84 and wondered, “Where in the world does that belong? ” Look no further! This code unlocks the door to a captivating Southeast Asian nation: Vietnam.

Unveiling the Secrets Behind +84: The Vietnamese Connection

Area code +84 is not just an area code; it’s the international calling code for Vietnam. This two-digit prefix acts as a gateway, allowing you to connect with phone numbers across this beautiful country. Imagine you want to call a friend in Hanoi with the number 2488 3210. To reach them, you’d dial +84 24 8832 10 (remember to omit the leading “0” in the local number).

Beyond the Basics: Understanding Vietnamese Phone Numbers

Vietnamese phone numbers typically consist of 9 or 10 digits, with the format varying based on the number type:

  • Landline Numbers: These numbers [3 Sleep Myths Of Office Workers! ] usually begin with a city code (e. g., 24 for Hanoi) followed by 7 or 8 digits. Examples include (024) 8832 10 or (028) 3856 7890 (Ho Chi Minh City).
  • Mobile Numbers: Mobile phone Delving into the Realm of Persistent Databases: numbers in Vietnam generally start with 03, 07, 08, or 09, followed by 8 digits. Examples include 090 1234 5678 or 037 8901 2345.

Important Note: Vietnam is gradually phasing out some mobile numbers starting with 01.

A World of Connections: What +84 Offers

Area code +84 opens a world of communication possibilities in Vietnam:

  • Connecting with Loved Ones: Whether you’re catching up with family or rekindling friendships, +84 allows you to easily connect with those residing in Vietnam.
  • Exploring Business Opportunities: +84 bridges the gap for business ventures. You can now connect with potential partners, clients, or colleagues in Vietnam.
  • Unveiling Vietnam’s Charm: Planning a trip to Vietnam? +84 allows you to make hotel reservations, book tours, or simply connect with locals for a richer travel experience.

Remember These Handy Tips While Using +84:

  • Time Difference: There might be a time difference between your location and Vietnam (GMT+7). Consider this when planning your calls.
  • Call Costs: International calls can incur additional charges. Contact your service provider for specific rates.
  • Alternatives: Explore internet-based calling apps like Viber, WhatsApp, or Skype for potentially lower call costs, especially for video calls.


Area code +84 is more than just a string of numbers; it’s a key that unlocks a world of connections in Vietnam. With the knowledge of +84 and these helpful tips, you’re now equipped to bridge distances, explore opportunities, and connect with the captivating spirit of Vietnam.

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