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When users top up through

After confirming that the payee’s information is correct. I and it is the correct payee name, enter the amount, check the terms, and you’re done!

Note! You can see the amount you can transfer

under the amount. The funds are transferred from eWallet, not GO+ wallet.


After the transfer is completed, you Qatar Phone Numbers List will receive a transfer receipt, and you can also confirm that the transfer has been completed in the transaction record. The transfer is immediate, so you can check your bank account immediately to see that the amount has been received!

Phone Number List

When it comes to transferable balances

It is important to note that the app has introduced Cambodia Phone Number List transferable and non-transferable functions.  online banking and debit cards, or when friends transfer money to you through e-Wallet or bank transfers, all of these are transferable balances; while top-ups through credit cards or government subsidies are all considered non-transferable balances. Therefore, the only  balances you can use to transfer to your bank account are transferable balances.

Check out the graphic below to learn more about the differences between the two payments.

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