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When someone says thank you to you, do you just say “You’re welcome”? That’s too embarrassing, it’s time to learn different ways of expressing it!

When we face someone’s “thank you”, our first reaction is to reply “you’re welcome”.

Repeatedly using the same phrase “you’re welcome” will only confine yourself to a circle and prevent you from expanding further.

We have different ways of expressing ourselves in different situations and occasions.

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Without further ado, let’s look at other short phrases in English to express “You’re welcome”. Learn and apply them as you go. Soon you will be able to use them interchangeably and no longer use the same old phrases.


1 – More formal approach

In fact, “you’re welcome” is mostly used to express gratitude in a more formal way. When the other party expresses gratitude to us sincerely and in a formal way, we will respond with “you’re welcome”.

Depending on the occasion and Denmark Phone Number List situation, for example, when you think it is just a small thing but the other party expresses deep gratitude, some people will say [you’re most welcome] or [you’re so welcome].


2 – A more informal approach

If it’s just a small favor and you don’t want to be so formal in your response and want to keep things casual, you can say this:
【it’s my pleasure】
【don’t mention it】
【glad/happy to help】
【that’s alright】

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3 – The Easy Way

If the help we give to the other party is just a Estonia Phone Number List small matter, which can be solved easily and simply, and there is no feeling of being troubled, such as: helping the other party to copy documents, giving the other party small suggestions, sharing an umbrella with him when it rains, etc., when the other party thanks us, we can say:

[no problem]- nothing
[no sweat]- a small matter
[not a great deal] [
it’s nothing]
[not at all]
[no worries]- not a problem
[sure/sure thing]- it should be

These are relatively relaxed answers, so that the other party does not have to be so burdened.

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