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We must ensure that the keyword

VLOOKUP uses an L-shaped search operation principle. Which is to search from the upper left of the data range to the lower right . Therefore. It should be noted that VLOOKUP starts searching for keywords from the leftmost column of the selected range. When we select the data range to be searched.  is in the leftmost column of the selected range.

When you enter =VLOOKUP in Excel and click [insert function] or this icon, the following window will pop up. You need to enter the corresponding data so that Excel can return the correct value in the cell.


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Practical examples

Store D regularly picks up goods from Turkey Phone Number List  suppliers to replenish inventory, and records the detailed information in Excel every time. He wants to create a query table so that he can find all the information with one click by simply entering the order number.


From the table above, our query value is the order number. We can create a query table on the right side of the table. As follows

Phone Number List

The order number is left blank for us to

enter the order number we want to search for later.

In the Supplier column, we can enter the formula: =VLOOKUP(the column where the order number needs to be entered is J3, the search range is Belgium Phone Number List from C3 to G21, the number of columns of the target data is the second column in the selected range, and the exact match is 0)
**It can be noted that the search value (that is, the order number) is in the first column in the selected range

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