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Two high-tech flagships vs each

If we talk about the most popular, talked-about and anticipated mobile phones in the second half of 2018, they must be Oppo Find X and Vivo NEX.

Even if you are not an IT geek


like me, you must have heard of them! After all, they are the latest flagships of the two major Chinese mobile phone brands!

Since these two phones were releas. So close to each other  Find X was releas on July 17, while Vivo NEX was releas. On July 23), and they both have all kinds of high-tech features, we will of course compare them in a “king vs. king” competition!

If you happen to be interested in these Vietnam Phone Number List two mobile phones but have been hesitating and don’t know which one to buy, then come and take a look with the editor!

Phone Number List

First of all, these two phones undoubtedly

want to be the leaders in full-screen, with the Oppo Find X’s screen-to-body ratio reaching 93.8%, while the Vivo NEX’s is 91.24%. There is no bangs, a very narrow chin, and both use a glass body, so the appearance is very stunning.

The reason why the screen-to-body ratio Cambodia Phone Number of Oppo Find X is higher is mainly because it uses a 3D curved full screen, while Vivo NEX uses 2.5D glass. In addition, Oppo Find X uses the same COP screen packaging technology as iPhone X, so the chin is narrower.


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