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Mental health Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation has commission. A study call “Kind Communities – A Bridge to Youth Mental Wellness”. This survey , young Americans ag to about how relationships, their environment. And the presence or absence of kindness in the communities in which they live affect their mental wellbeing. The Year of Kindness The Born This Way Foundation has declar the Year of Kindness. The basis for this is the fact that how we treat each other. Impacts strongly on how we feel about ourselves, and each other.

Adequate provision of resources

Treating others well, and having them treat database us well in return, builds stronger and healthier communities. This promotes better mental health. The foundation want to carry out the study to raise awareness about mental. Health among parents, policy makers, ucators, and of course, the young people themselves. They hope that it will help to start the conversation about the things that impact on mental wellbeing in everyday life. Key findings from the study were: Kindness matters The young people who describ their school, college, or workplace as kind places were more likely to be mentally healthy.


Young people do think that

Of students who describ their high school as EUE Mail List a kind environment had the highest mental health scores, whereas only % of those with low mental health scores said their high school was a kind place to be. Peer support networks are important. Young people tend to rely on a group of close friends for support. Access to mental health resources is key Young people with access to mental health resources and information report better mental health. If they have the knowlge and skills to look after their own mental health, they feel empower and more inclin to help a friend or family member who is in crisis.

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