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Find your niche and develop in it! The power of experience Skills, experience and portfolio – these elements go hand in hand when creating a personal brand. How to build experience as a copywriter if the potential client chooses experienced contractors? Blog and social media In the case of a personal brand, a blog is of great importance, which will also become your portfolio. If you haven’t had the opportunity to write and publish texts under your name so far, a blog will be a very good idea. It’s about building experience and honing your skills at the same time.

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Potential clients usually ask for a sample of the copywriter’s texts and portfolio before signing the contract – people with such background usually have a better chance of getting the job. That’s why start a blog today, bet on the regularity of adding entriesand write about the subject you feel best in! If you Latest Mailing Database already have experience as a copywriter, be sure to show it off! On your blog, create an “about me” tab, where you will put your achievements so far. a freelancer should also be visible and active in social media. Place a link to your blog or brand in your “bio” (Instagram) or other place visible to the audience (pin the post on Facebook.

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Comment on the entries of other experts, participate in thematic groups in which you want to be an expert, but also where your potential clients may be. Guest Articles Guest articles for well-known and respected brands? Why not! In this way, you increase the credibility and trust of your personal brand in the eyes of potential customers andyou become more visible on the web – thus you build awareness of your existence as a copywriter among EU Email List your recipients. Personal brand – what are the benefits of building it? Personal brand is of great importance not only in the context of copywriting, but wherever you work on your own account.

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