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Most factory workers have been replaced

Today, society is moving towards automation.  by machines. At the same time The fifth industrial revolution is coming And I believe that employees. Will face drastic changes in job types and work content at that time. If you are in such an era. But you are only busy with. The work in front of you and are not prepared for the future Your name will definitely be on the layoff list. Therefore You must continue to understand and learn new skills in related professions so as not to be eliminated. Even if you want to leave one day These new skills. Will be the confidence to find a new job and the bargaining chip for salary negotiation.


Before you leave your job, plan your life after leaving

After deciding on the time to leave, the doubts and Canada Phone Number List worries of “not knowing how long I have to hold on” will disappear. People will also become more open-minded and cheerful than before. Before leaving You can slowly start planning your life after leaving And regard your life after leaving as a happy time for self-realization.

Phone Number List

Plan ahead for the money you will need after leaving your job

After leaving the workplace, there is still a lot of time to spend. If you retire between the ages of 50 and 60, you may still have 30 years of life ahead of you. In addition to retirement Australia Phone Number List age. More and more people in the workplace are leaving the workplace at around 40 years old and starting to look for their own new career path, so they have to pay attention to their second life after leaving their jobs. Moreover, this age is the age of the “sandwich” of the sandwich era, sandwiched between children and parents-in-law and parents.

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