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Lures Action & How It’s Work

Anglers who excel with lures will usually do two things well:

First of all, they understand the action of each lure that gives them results.
Second, they cleverly adapt the. However, lure swimming action to the needs and situation of the fishing field.
But you may be wondering:

How can I know and understand every difference of lure swimming action that suits my needs?

Today I will make this matter easy for you.

All you have to do is take a few minutes to understand each type of lure swimming action in the article below:

Why Are Fish Attacking Your Lures?

What causes a fish to attack your lure even though it looks like a clown

When Pulled in Water, Most Lures Database Are Created. However,
To Vaguely Mimic Small Fish, Shrimp, Crabs, Squid, and Other Foods.

Yet, There Are Also Lures That Directly Do Not Resemble Any Living Thing. However,
But Remain Effective. However, For Example Spinnerbait

Why Does This Phenomenon Occur?

There Are Three. However,
Reasons Fish Attack Lures:

Because Fish is Hungry.
Because of the Reaction of Fish Who Want to Defend the Territory
Because of Curiosity (Suspicious).
In Most Cases, I Am More Convinced That Reasons Are the Main Factors Fish Attack Hard-bodied Lures.

(Factor  I think applies more to fly fishing and soft plastics)

For that reason, the lure doesn’t have to look too realistic (like life), but as long as it’s ‘tempting’ enough to make the fish feel suspicious.

Ever heard of ‘wet paint syndrome Suspicious Wet Paint Syndrome


Try hanging a ‘wet paint’ marker on an object and placing EU Email List the object in place of passers-by.

Then notice how many people passing through the area will try to touch the surface of the object.

Will They Snap Their Fingers. However, To Confirm That the Paint is Wet?

I Bet Most People Would Do, Including You.

These Psychological Effects Apply. However, Not Only to Humans but Also to Animals. (in This Case, Fish)

Suppose a Fish Has Been Suspicious. Of an Object and is Interested. However, In Examining It Further.

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