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Johor free waterstarts in September

The Johor state government will implement the 10 cubic meters free water plan starting September 1. It is estimat that about 330,000 low-income households in Johor will benefit!

This plan is actually the PH government’s fulfillment of its pre-election campaign manifesto, which is to provide 10 cubic meters of free water to low-income groups (B40) in Johor. This group is defined as a household with a monthly income of less than RM4,000 and is a recipient of the 1Malaysia Assistance Fund (now renamed the People’s Living Cost Assistance Fund).

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Beneficiaries need to comply with


1 Beneficiaries must pay their water bills on time every month

2 Each beneficiary user must provide a water supply user account in Johor

3 Each beneficiary user cannot use Jordan Phone Number List more than 35 cubic meters of water per month which means the monthly water bill must not exceed RM46.

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The following conditions, otherwise they will be disqualified:

For this free water scheme, the authorities will also handle some special cases on a case-by-case basis. For example, if the beneficiary’s entire family Brazil Phone Number consists of 8 members including children and grandchildren, and the monthly water usage limit of 35 cubic meters cannot meet the needs of their family, they can appeal to Johor Water Lian Xi Sdn Bhd to continue to enjoy 10 cubic meters of free water.

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