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It is said that simple people in the workplace have these 6 characteristics. Are you right? Innocent is not a virtue, but a fatal flaw!

It is a happy thing to have simple people as friends. However, if it is placed in the workplace, it is not a good thing. At the very least, you will be taken advantage of by your colleagues and leaders and suffer losses. At worst, you will be framed, have to take the blame, and ruin your future.


If after working for so many years, others still comment on you as “You are so naive!” , this means that you still lack experience in society and are easily tricked, making it difficult for you to play the game in the workplace.

Want to judge whether you are innocent? Read below to see if you have these 6 kinds of thinking.

1 – Too trusting and unguarded

You have no guard against your colleagues or company members. You believe everything they say and never question whether the information they give you is correct. In addition, when others ask you about your privacy, you tell them everything because Finland Phone Number List you think you have a very good relationship with this colleague and he will definitely keep it a secret for you. If you believe that a good colleague can really become a true friend, then you are a little too naive because you don’t know when he might betray you because of a conflict of interest.

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2 – Helping others with their wedding

Simple people don’t care. When a colleague asks you for help, you always accept it silently, thinking that you should help if you can, and the other party Hong-Kong Phone Number List will definitely be grateful to you. But the reality is often that some people just want to use you to help them work and make themselves feel more relaxed, and they will not be grateful to you at all, let alone return the credit to you. They take the credit for themselves, and let you. I take the blame when something goes wrong. When one day you refuse to help, he will not re. Imember your past efforts, but think that you are selfish for not helping him this time.

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