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After all, such decisions of the UODO may soon have a very strong impact on the business of not only our Company, but also any other company present on the Internet. In connection with the above, we decidd to file a complaint against the decision of the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection to the Provincial Administrative Court (WSA) in Warsaw. We hope that our case will be thoroughly investigatd and the above-mentiond decision will be made.

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Court will be able to serve you all in the future. Today, we reveal decision of the UODO (link to the decision below), because we Latest Mailing Database believe that it can be helpful to anyone who runs a business in Poland, and at the same time we are counting on a serious, because supportd by concrete, discussion of lawyers specializing in the protection of personal data in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest to us (and probably you) ) topic. We invite you to follow our case, because this is just the beginning.

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Each of us, regardless of the form of employment, uses a mailbox while working for his employer. The mailbox and domain in most EU Email List cases are providd by the employer. As a rule, the company mailbox is usd to perform current professional duties by the employee. Correspondence and e-mail communication are today one of the most common forms of professional communication. The use of a business mailbox. Over which, as a rule, the employer has control, always raises doubts as to whether the supervision and monitoring of the business mailbox is in line with the right to privacy.

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