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Companies in Malaysia offer up to 6 months

Addition to looking for a job that matches your interests and abilities, benefits are also an important consideration. In order to retain talented employees and improve the company’s competitiveness, many companies will provide employees with good benefits.


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Unlike boys, girls not only pay attention.  To Belarus Phone Number List basic medical benefits, holiday benefits, additional allowances, etc. when choosing a company, but also pay attention to the number of maternity leave days and related benefits provided by the company to female employees.

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local benefits are not bad either

In Malaysia, pregnant women are generally entitled to a minimum of 60 days of paid maternity leave. However, in today’s society, women play Belgium Phone Number an increasingly important role in the workplace, and their ability to handle affairs and lead is no less than that of men. Therefore, in order to attract more talented female employees to join, many large companies in Malaysia are considering extending paid maternity leave and providing better benefits for female employees.

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