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When entering the brand’s Instagram, it is clearly visible: The Mintishop brand focuses on beautiful pastel photos, mostly product photos. Posts are varied with make-up inspirations or random content, but there are definitely no influencers here. The Pigment drugstore also shows a human face and YouTubers or influencers often appear in their communication. As a minus, I would see graphics with overlays the same as on Facebook, which do not necessarily match Instagram. Super-Pharm’s Instagram profile is boring, which can be clearly seen from the number of followers – there are only 30,000 of them.

With such a well-known brand

This result is definitely below expectations. Faces are missing, human faces that everyone loves so much and with which they want to identify. On Instagram, this is what builds sales and brand interest. To sum up, the beauty industry has great potential database and, as always, there are better and worse profiles. The analysis and research I conducted for this article once again proved to me that a large number of published posts does not always translate into high engagement. As always, the winner is the one who creates interesting and engaging content. In my opinion, Rossmann ranks first.

My assessment is that he has engaged


His audience to do something good, and if they can do it while shopping at the drugstore, which they would have to do anyway, then this is the reason why they will choose this brand. Did you know that ads appearing in search results can be purchased directly in the Allegro Ads panel? In June, the e-commerce giant introduced a new EU Email List solution thanks to which users can increase the reach of the offer without having to run a campaign using Google Ads tools. The possibility of advertising products offered via the Allegro platform in the search results is of course nothing new.

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