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Make Launch Announcements On Social Media And Shopee Feeds

A straw offer is basically an offer that a customer can’t refuse. There are three ways to encourage customers to make purchases with hay offers.

1. Price 

Marginal price is the most common form of hay supply. This means that you will run your campaign for a certain amount of time which could be as long as two weeks or a month. During this time, your products will be sold at a substantial discount. You will give 25% or 50% discount. When you market your product, be sure to emphasize how much customers actually save per order.

2. Urgency 

If it’s a new model or unit, provide product footage to excite the customer.

For example, if you sell console games, you could market leaks about the new Spiderman: Miles Morales game to generate demand among potential buyers.

You can also emphasize that your product has limited stock to encourage customers to complete their purchase when they add the item to their cart.

Reach Micro Influencers Or Vloggers

When asking influencers to promote your new product, it’s best to contact micro-influencers or influencers who have a more specific and narrow audience. By doing so, you can choose the micro-influencers that are most closely related to your niche, and therefore you will increase your conversion rate and ROI on your initial launch.

You can also contact vloggers to help you market your new product in video format as the majority of micro-influencers use Instagram as their platform.

A teaser campaign can be as simple whatsapp mobile number list as a ‘coming soon’ post. Such a post will inspire comments and sharing will raise awareness for your new product.

You can also create countdown posts to gradually remind potential customers about new products and the discounts/vouchers that come with them.

Getting potential customers interested in your upcoming product will help you get a lot of attention and profit during the initial launch.

olymp trade indonesiaTip: If you want to hold a launch event on Shopee Live, you can include the date in your post so interested parties can invite friends and family to join.

Hold a Launch Event (Shopee Live)

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The Shopee Live Launch Event will allow you to showcase your new products to potential buyers in a more personal way.

You can talk to them about how this new product differs from your old model or version. Discuss new features and improvements. It’s also a good idea to provide a demo so people can visualize what EUE Mail List using your new product will be like. This will further excite customers and encourage more purchases.

Emphasize that during the launch you will be given a great discount voucher which will expire in X days.

Live events will also allow you to answer any questions potential buyers may have about your new product.

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