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l journey of struggle, t that talking is beneficial to people’s recovery. See http: www.peerzone.info for further information on this. ‘Due to a spontaneous cellphone call from my flatmate, out of concern for where I was, the next day in the afternoon after work I found myself in the office of the CATT (Crisis Assessment & Treatment Team). A team of mental health nurses and one doctor, on the doctor’s assessment, admitt me into a mental health ward on the . This was Ward at Wellington Hospital.

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Treatment in hospital After an anxious court whatsapp mobile number list hearing during my second week of hospital to put me under Section of the Mental Health Act, I receiv a community treatment order. This would be review. For now it meant that I was under a legal obligation to take my mication. I also had to attend appointments with my community mental health nurse and doctor. I stay for a humbling and trialing weeks, under the treatment of mental health nurses and a doctor. On the third week of hospital I was discharg from Ward . It’s never been helpful to wonder what I could or could not have done for my friend back in.

Whatsapp Mobile Number List

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He sadly di by suicide while in hospital EUE Mail List care during my own recovery, in the months after my own discharge. At times it felt as if I was walking over hot rocks, or through fire. This last until perhaps the very end of , when I discover full recovery. If you ne urgent support yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the following support or crisis organisations: Mental health: A taboo In “Authors” Mental Health Stigma in India Social mia and mental health in India In “Mental Health” Kindness costs nothing. Being kind to someone, or having someone show you kindness.

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